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“On Process” by a Social Media Expert

The criticism of “social media experts” is that the role is a fad or a “buzzword” – a job without substance. I believe that’s true many times.

You see, social media is just marketing. And marketing is a core business process that supports sales. If your “expert” doesn’t understand the business of doing business or strategic marketing, they can’t do much for your bottom line. No, really. I promise.

I collect strategic marketers who understand the digital space (REAL “social media experts”, if you will) so I can recommend them when needed.

Jeff Gibbard is one such ‘strategic marketer’.

So you can imagine my delight when he wrote a blog post about…. PROCESS!

Enjoy “Social Media and The Beauty of Process” at Social Media Philanthropy.

And for those of you who missed the Taco Bell video he references, it’s here:

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