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Presenting? 12 Steps to iClickr Love.

So you have a presentation to do and you’re wondering, with the exciting world of technology – is presenting on your laptop obsolete?


I’ve presented using every piece of technology you can imagine – from wands, remotes, tablets to PCs to ad-libbing a web based software lesson entirely because two projectors failed.

In the field, the presentation environment is never ideal – you could be working with dated AV setups or with spotty internet signals. When you are paid to present, as I am, the show must go on. I’ve found carrying the laptop an indispensable part of a reliable presentation.

I also have a few other criteria that presented some challenges:

  • I need to walk around when I present, I can’t be tethered to a podium.
  • I prefer Microsoft Power Point and most of my previous presentations are in this format.
  • I need a Windows based laptop for some of the advanced data analysis I do.
  • I am an Apple mobile device user (Ipad and Iphone)
  • Wifi can never be relied upon as available

So my challenges of cross pollination of technology in a far from ideal environment made most solutions useless.

Until I happened upon the magic combination:

Iclickr is a smart little app that goes on both your mobile device (yes, Windows and Android are supported) and as a desktop software install on the laptop. It creates an ad-hoc network between the two, allowing you to control your powerpoint from your device SEAMLESSLY. You can even annotate on the screen behind you, have a timer indicator and see your slide notes – all within the app on your mobile device.

The app is $10, the software needed for the computer is free. I’d pay three times that without blinking, it’s that great – whether you are doing one presentation a year or 700.

The only challenge is that set up each time is a little tricky. Installation directions are pretty robust on their site but the -each time setup- instructions are a bit lacking so I prepared these for a client running a similar environment to the one I have and I thought I’d repost them here for your benefit.

12 Steps to using IClickr for each Presentation Setup

1. Ensure you have Power Point and the presentation file on your computer first.

2. open iclickr program on your computer (under Senstic in the program files)

3. in iclickr program on your computer, click direct wireless arrow and then -start- in the new window that pops open

4. on the taskbar on the computer (next to the clock), find the wireless network icon, double click and choose iclickr network – it may say unconnected but that is okay

5. on idevice, go to settings, general, network, wifi, and choose the iclickr network (also make sure bluetooth is turned off while you’re in the general area)

6. launch idevice app on idevice – say okay to any window that pops up, regardless of what it’s warning you.

7. inside the app on idevice click the option from the list that looks like an three part infinity symbol on the right – not the one that looks like a wireless internet signal

8. inside the app on idevice choose the powerpoint from your computer

9. on your computer, put the powerpoint into presentation mode and connect to the projector

10. you are good to operate the powerpoint from your Idevice!

 After you’re done and they’ve showered you with fantastic applause:

11. on the taskbar on the computer (next to the clock), find the wireless network icon, double click to restore to your regular wireless network – if you can’t find it, right click the wifi bars and go to open network and sharing center. Then set up a new connection or network, then connect to the internet, then wireless. The wireless networks should return.

12. on idevice, go to settings, general, network, wifi, and choose the wifi network you usually use. (turn your bluetooth back on while you’re in here in the case you use it)

Read more at their site:

Happy Presenting! (Be prepared to awe the audience with your tech savvy, wireless presentation controlling wizard….)

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