Amy Larrimore | 8 Quick Ways to Supercharge Your “Google” Resume
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8 Quick Ways to Supercharge Your “Google” Resume

google-old-1My dad called me and said: “Do you know that you are ALL OVER GOOGLE?”
I said, “Yes, of course I know.”
He said, “No, you don’t understand, it’s pages and pages and pages of nice things about you, awards and honors and everything – I looked up to page 10 of search results.”
I laughed and said, “I know. About 3 years ago there was an Amy Larrimore, Venus Swimsuit Model and Amy Larrimore, Super Conservative Georgia Schoolteacher that were appearing and I didn’t want my network to be confused so I supercharged my google resume.”
He said, “Well I don’t understand what that means, but I told everyone in my office that my daughter is on the first 10 pages of google.” [Beaming] I said, “That’s really nice, thanks for telling me.”

Obviously, you want to make your parents proud at your stellar Google resume but you also want to have the same effect on potential employers, clients and industry leaders.

Here are 8 quick ways you can clean up and optimize your Google search results.

  1. Put yourself actively on as many social media accounts as you can with your full name and identifying details (try using and a standard profile blurb and professional headshot with the file saved as yourname.jpg
  2. Put up resume boosting content on those websites – talk about your field – use something like to post often and automatically share good content others are curating.
  3. Set up a google alert on your name – it takes about a week or so to “cook the SEO”
  4. Begin contacting the websites that have content about you on them that you don’t want there any more and ask them to take it down – they don’t have to but many will.
  5. Get really radical and sign up for google adwords and put $30 a month towards buying the keywords of your name and phrases associated with you, redirect clicks to your linkedin profile
  6. Buy your own name as a url.
  7. Set it up to forward to your linkedin
  8. Hire to supercharge your linkedin profile so they are wowed when they get there.

That is the blindingly short lesson on personal SEO but that should help many more dads and potential bosses beam when they see your Google results.

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