Amy Larrimore | CRM
Amy Larrimore is a sought after speaker, award winning technologist and successful business strategist that helps companies grow through the smart use of data.
CRM, business process analysis, strategic operations, efficiency expert, private equity, SaaS, process engineering, algorithm, data, technology, select the right software, salesforce
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Critical Technology Strategy Every Business Needs to Consider: CRM

My first business smashed through all of the sales records in our industry. I’ll share with you our secret to success: I had a CRM (Customer Relationship Management System). It’s amazing how people open their wallets to buy your product or service when they feel like you are LISTENING to them and that you KNOW them. I suffer through so many business plan pitches that list excellent, personalized, customer service as what makes them different. Every time, I ask “Great – how are you going to collect the information you…

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