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Amy Larrimore is a sought after speaker, award winning technologist and successful business strategist that helps companies grow through the smart use of data.
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8 Quick Ways to Supercharge Your “Google” Resume

My dad called me and said: “Do you know that you are ALL OVER GOOGLE?” I said, “Yes, of course I know.” He said, “No, you don’t understand, it’s pages and pages and pages of nice things about you, awards and honors and everything – I looked up to page 10 of search results.” I laughed and said, “I know. About 3 years ago there was an Amy Larrimore, Venus Swimsuit Model and Amy Larrimore, Super Conservative Georgia Schoolteacher that were appearing and I didn’t want my network to be…

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Supercharge Your Linkedin

This is a lovely radio interview with one of my favorite people, Susan Tabor-Kleiman. She owns Your Professional Writer, where she helps people optimize their biographical content. She was featured on a Clear Channel radio station helping listeners Supercharge their Linkedin. Click the video below to listen and learn what you may have not realized you can do with Linkedin!

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Critical Technology Strategy Every Business Needs to Consider: Marketing Tools

Yes, that’s a snazzy way to say social media. This is a repost of my article on SCORE, The Counselors to America’s Small Business National Blog. However, this post is not going to navigate the nuances of the Facebook timeline format or teach you how to compose the perfect tweet to attract millions of followers. That stuff actually doesn’t matter one bit. Success comes from having a sound marketing process, being able to manage the information well and using appropriate technology.  I cover this in great detail in the presentation…

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“On Process” by a Social Media Expert

You see, social media is just marketing. And marketing is a core business process that supports sales. If your “expert” doesn’t understand the business of doing business or strategic marketing, they can’t do much for your bottom line. No, really. I promise.

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How Convertible Are You?

Many small businesses are so focused on traffic that they don’t spend any time on conversion. Conversion is the process to transfer traffic into a sale. It’s normally discussed as part of web marketing strategy but it also happens in real life. Simply put – how effective are you at selling to the people who learn about your business? Part of this consideration is – how easy is it for me to make a purchase from you?

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