Amy Larrimore | Management and Operations
Amy Larrimore is a sought after speaker, award winning technologist and successful business strategist that helps companies grow through the smart use of data.
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Management and Operations

Having Cutting Edge Technology Will Ruin Your Business

Cutting Edge Technology Will Ruin Your Business I had the pleasure of working with a  company who developed cutting edge technology that will radically change their industry. I counseled them on their sales strategy to increase their close rate and reduce the sales cycle duration. When we mapped their sales pitch, we found that the majority of decision makers and champions in the sales process, while self identified as technical, were really more part of the business process or the information sides of the business. And this is often the…

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Stop the Screaming – An Open Letter to City of Philadelphia

Philly, we’re a better city than this. Old City is a fantastic and lively neighborhood that is respectful of differing views (after all, the founding fathers lived here). We rely on each other and city government to make sure we are operating as agreed so that we may all benefit. I trust the city will do whatever is necessary to enforce the law, maintain the peace and preserve our homes, businesses and critical commerce of tourism.

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A 12 Year Old Is Radically Changing Technology and She Needs Your Help

The TechGirlz, an organization dedicated to empowering middle school girls to pursue careers in technology, hosts an annual summer camp where middle school girls plan, build and pitch a technology start-up. They come to a pre-camp session in June, brainstorm ideas for businesses, form teams and begin planning. They arrive at camp on July 8th ready to go. In one week, they create a business plan, perform a SWOT analysis, identify how to generate revenue with it, conduct market research to develop a feature set the customer really wants, create a…

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A Shockingly Usual Failure of Customer Service

Here’s an example of what happens when a company plans that growth poorly. It goes without comment that obviously, this is a significant adverse impact to their brand and their revenue:

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Take What You Need: Leadership

It is the most telling, humbling and funny three minute lesson on being an effective leader (or supporting one).

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