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The topics are geared towards the third standard deviation - 4.7% of the normal distribution of the population - who can accept the idea that the building of empires is possible only in the discussion of confronting views. The remaining two standard deviations (95% of the population) are resigned to status quo. Therefore, they will find this content unsuitable, controversial and perhaps even offensive.
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Don’t Write a Business Plan

We’ve all heard it – Do you have a business plan?

Before you go into business/apply for a loan/negotiate a lease/pitch suppliers/obtain partners/sweep the floor you should write a business plan.

I hate that. Really, it’s like a freezing cold shower.

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How Convertible Are You?

Many small businesses are so focused on traffic that they don’t spend any time on conversion. Conversion is the process to transfer traffic into a sale. It’s normally discussed as part of web marketing strategy but it also happens in real life. Simply put – how effective are you at selling to the people who learn about your business? Part of this consideration is – how easy is it for me to make a purchase from you?

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