Amy Larrimore | A 12 Year Old Is Radically Changing Technology and She Needs Your Help
Amy Larrimore is a sought after speaker, award winning technologist and successful business strategist that helps companies grow through the smart use of data.
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A 12 Year Old Is Radically Changing Technology and She Needs Your Help

The TechGirlz, an organization dedicated to empowering middle school girls to pursue careers in technology, hosts an annual summer camp where middle school girls plan, build and pitch a technology start-up.

They come to a pre-camp session in June, brainstorm ideas for businesses, form teams and begin planning. They arrive at camp on July 8th ready to go. In one week, they create a business plan, perform a SWOT analysis, identify how to generate revenue with it, conduct market research to develop a feature set the customer really wants, create a functional specification, manage a developer (a lucky adult volunteer) to build a beta product and then pitch their work (yes, with a slide deck) to a “dolphin tank”.

And you thought your workweek is intense?

biglogoPlease take a valuable moment to help these little ladies complete their market research surveys. They only get 18 hours to run the research so if you know of any quick-like distribution channels of people who would happily contribute their opinions, we would be very grateful.

Surveys will go live on July 8th, 2013 at 3pm EST and close sometime late on July 9th, 2013.

Share your thoughts at:

Small window. Big help. No personally identifying information needed.

Want to volunteer or partner with this great organization? Interested in learning more about sponsoring our work?

We have a limited number of seats we can extend for Pitch Day on July 12th in Philadelphia, PA. Contact me for more details.

Thank you. Together, we reverse the trend of the technology opt-out.

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