Amy Larrimore | 8 Steps for Creating a Vision Board
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paper vision board

8 Steps for Creating a Vision Board

8 Steps for Creating a Vision Board

Before you begin the creation of the board, you’ll want to do some planning. See 5 Steps to Vision Your Way to Success – Journaling and Vision Boards to understand the steps that will make the building process easy. The steps detailed here are for creating vision boards in real life (offline). If you have chosen to create a digital vision board, refer to: 12 Steps to Creating a Vision Board Digitally.

1. Select your vision board base.You may opt for foamboard, a journal, something with dry erase components or something that holds the images temporarily.

2. You’ll need a way to affix the clippings to the base and to each other. I recommend spray glue and a glue stick or an adhesive base.

3. You’ll need scissors or an exacto knife, depending how you plan to construct the board or vision journal. In the example below, it requires cutting out the foam board with an exacto knife. cutout head of vision board

4. Additional Decorations – If you want to collect any other supplies suitable for scrapbooking, that is optional and depends on your preference. You may want to print out the letters below in full size and in color so you can use them to construct words.

5. Choose a Layout – If you have a life centric board, you might want to choose a layout with categories. If you prefer clean lines, you may want to arrange the pictures with captions and space between them. If you opt to have a temporary or movable board, your base may determine your layout. If you prefer to do a scrapbook or a journal format instead of a board, you may want to arrange things in categories or in a timeline format. Here are some examples:

After you’ve selected a layout, I recommend laying out the images first without glue and adhering them second.

6. Choose Content – If you’ve been collecting content in your content collection system, you’ll use that to put onto the board. If not, you’ll need to get some magazines, books and other periodicals for the board. Many times, you can find these  in bulk for free on craigslist. Keep an eye out for these sorts of opportunities.

7. Be Literal and Selective – Sometimes it’s helpful to do this exercise with a friend and explain to them your rationale for the images. You have to choose wisely around your images because creating new neural patterns is very literal. For example, putting an image of a sexy woman in a piece of lingerie, may result in you buying that piece of lingerie, not being the way you perceive that image to be. For example, I put a picture of a sexy woman eating dessert on my vision board in the “self” category. It wasn’t until I reviewed the photos from my Champagne and Cake party, that I realized the similarity in my dress and the “dessert” theme. While that was fine, that wasn’t exactly what I meant. That and other similar “mixups” has forced some specificity in my latest vision boards. So now, I don’t put single men on my love board, I put happy couples.

8. Location, Location, Location – Once completed, place your board in a conspicuous place so you can see it often. I poke two holes in the top and run a ribbon through so it can hang from that.

wealth board

I like to keep track of vision board events that have been completed in my evernote (similar to the picture above from my birthday party). When most of the board is completed, that’s my trigger to create a new one.

Please share any suggestions you have from a vision board creating experience in the comments.

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