Amy Larrimore | 10 Hacks for Do It Yourself Empire Building
Amy Larrimore is a sought after speaker, award winning technologist and successful business strategist that helps companies grow through the smart use of data.
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10 Hacks for Do It Yourself Empire Building

Want to play the big game? Start with this homework.
Increase Profit

1. Make a list of 50 people you need to know – now figure how you can meet them.

2. Make a list of 250 people you already know – then write down what each of them can do for you.

3. Wear a suit jacket to EVERY MEETING YOU GO TO. Buy one. Right now.

4. Identify who will benefit or MAKE money by championing your offering within their organization. MAKE, not SAVE.

5. Name three strategic partners who sell what you sell, something similar to what you sell or who talk to the same people. They are probably your competition. Now go have lunch with them and figure out how you can work together. Crazy talk? Yep. Does it work? Yep.

6. Have a flawless elevator pitch with no “stories”. Use this format:

We are The Empire Builders Group. We help companies make more money by improving their business process, technology and access to information. We provide technology in the six core areas of business: sales, marketing, finance, product or service delivery, document management and human resources management. We support closely held companies in financial and technical areas – including technology and healthcare industries. Our services are provided on a situational or ongoing retainer basis.

7. Run your pitch to a person who doesn’t know anything about your industry. See if they can tell you who you are, what you do, who you sell to and how you make money. If they can’t – fix it until they can.

8. PLEASE host your pitch deck somewhere – and invest in a domain name ( to get to it. Go to and print the link on a card. Stop emailing things.

9. Explain in two sentences HOW and WHEN you, your partners, or me, the investor is going to get my money back if I support your business (the exit strategy).

10. Take notes on the quantity, readiness, leadership, economics and cohesiveness of the people, product, process and prospects in your pitch. Is it balanced?

Then sit back and watch the cash start to roll in.

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