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BizWit Blog

Not For the First Standard Deviation

BizWit Blog

Not For the First Standard Deviation

BizWit Blog shares instigation ideas, wit about business and life patterns, and disruptive scenarios.

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  • stackpapers

    Don’t Write a Business Plan

    We’ve all heard it – Do you have a business plan?

    Before you go into business/apply for a loan/negotiate a lease/pitch suppliers/obtain partners/sweep the floor you should write a business plan.

    I hate that. Really, it’s like a freezing cold shower.

  • bully

    A Shockingly Usual Failure of Customer Service

    Here’s an example of what happens when a company plans that growth poorly. It goes without comment that obviously, this is a significant adverse impact to their brand and their revenue:

  • Critical Technology Strategy Every Business Needs to Consider: Marketing Tools

    Yes, that’s a snazzy way to say social media. This is a repost of my article on SCORE, The Counselors to America’s Small Business National Blog. However, this post is not going to navigate the nuances of the Facebook timeline format or teach you how to compose the perfect tweet to attract millions of followers. […]

  • it department

    Having Cutting Edge Technology Will Ruin Your Business

    Cutting Edge Technology Will Ruin Your Business I had the pleasure of working with a  company who developed cutting edge technology that will radically change their industry. I counseled them on their sales strategy to increase their close rate and reduce the sales cycle duration. When we mapped their sales pitch, we found that the […]

Join the 4.7 Percent

The topics are geared towards the third standard deviation – 4.7% of the normal distribution of the population – who can accept the idea that the building of empires is possible only in the discussion of confronting views.

The remaining two standard deviations (95% of the population) are resigned to status quo. Therefore, they will find this content unsuitable, controversial and perhaps even offensive.


Equalizing Access to Business and Career


Equalizing Access to Business and Career


Empowering Middle School Girls to Pursue Technology Careers

Business Mentoring

Helping Companies Get in Business, Stay in Business and Grow the Business.

Philly Swap Party

Inspiring Women to Clean out their Closet to Benefit Dress for Success
Swap Party

The TechGirlz’ biggest event of the year, the Women in Tech Summit wins Event of the Year (2012) – Philly Geek Awards

Amy serves the Consulate General of Canada on the Advisory Board, Selection Committee and as a Mentor for the Philadelphia Healthcare IT Accelerator Program.

Amy previously served SCORE as the District Vice President of Information Systems and Technology and as an Certified Business Mentor.

Amy is the Founder and a Board Member.

Joining a storied line up including Deepka Chopra, Amy addresses the #140 Conference (Twitter Conference) on her motivation to start and grow this event.