Amy Larrimore | Amy Larrimore has unlocked the secrets of business success.
Amy Larrimore is a sought after speaker, award winning technologist and successful business strategist that helps companies grow through the smart use of data.
business consultant, business planning, success, empire builder, gamechanger
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Amy Larrimore

Sharing the Secrets of Business Success

Each year, about 4 adults in your area choose to become an entrepreneur.

Kauffman National Startup Activity, Kauffman Foundation


2/3 of these Businesses Survive 2 Years


Half of these Businesses Survive 5 Years

Small Business Facts, Small Business Administration Office of Advocacy


Just over half of small businesses are using cloud technology in some form, and of those:

26%Experience Faster Growth
21%Deliver Higher Gross Profits

How the Cloud Enables Rapid Growth in SMBs, Deloitte, Google